Bush protest: small but succinct

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Tue Jun 12 21:59:54 MDT 2001

New York Times; BBC; CNN; Guardian; Washington Post. 13 June 2001. Bush
in Madrid. Combined reports.

MADRID -- 1,000 activists, environmentalists and trade unionists
demonstrated outside the the American Embassy in Madrid after Mr Bush
returned from his press conference.

Posters read "Bush, imbecile, the world is not your ranch" and "Europe
rejects a wild Bush-man."

Some protesters chanted "Bush Go Home!" One sign read: "The earth is our
mother, not your supermarket."

"The Yanqui needs Vietnam medicine," the crowd chanted in Spanish,
referring to U.S. humiliation in the Vietnam War.

They also shouted "Bush assassin" and "We want to see Bush underneath a

Police in Madrid defused two bombs on the eve of Bush's arrival, blaming
anarchists or left-wing terrorist groups.

"America wants to control the world economy, the world military," said
Lacha Hernandez, a schoolteacher demonstrating outside the U.S. Embassy.
"For us, Bush represents many things from our fascist past."

For most of the day, he was kept away from any location that might allow
protesters to get near him. Security was tight throughout, with 1,200
Spanish and US security men dotted around.

More protests are expected to greet the president on Wednesday and in
Gothenburg, Sweden, on Thursday when he attends an EU-US summit.

In Brussels, hundreds protested outside the U.S. embassy to Belgium.

Security around Belgium's capital will be high on Wednesday, especially
around the U.S. embassy and NATO headquarters, following several
protests across Europe aimed at the U.S. policy on the environment and
the execution on Monday of Timothy McVeigh.

Meanwhile, police in Gothenburg, Sweden, dragged 40 activists from a
protest camp near the site of the EU summit that Bush will attend on

Police said they had seized unidentified materials in a raid on an
apartment and sent them for forensic examination at a laboratory which
is responsible for analysing potentially hazardous materials such as
explosives and poisons. The police declined to give further details on
what they had found.

In Norway, about 10 Greenpeace activists protesting against Bush's
environmental policies boarded a U.S.-bound oil tanker as it loaded oil
at a refinery.

Another band of anti-Bush protesters boarded a tanker off La Havre,
France on Monday.

No US president for decades, not even Ronald Reagan, has attracted as
much unpopularity in Europe as Mr Bush and his brand of Texan redneck


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