Lutte Ouvriere on Irish peace process

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Tue Jun 12 22:37:20 MDT 2001

> >As revolutionary communists, we reject the point of view
> >adopted by the Republican currents who oppose the agreement.

>One wonders if they include the IRSP in that, as our analysis is quite
>similar to theirs.  Certainly groups like the Real IRA and the Continuity
>IRA have nothing to offer, even less so than the Provisionals.
>Thanks for the article and link, Philip.  Very thought provoking reading.

I would assume they are not talking about the IRSP, but the split-offs from
the Provos.

LO is a quite significant current - they have 3 Euro MPs (interestingly,
all working class women) and a small, but real base in the working class in
France.  They've also kept a very strong class-groundedness while a lot of
the European left has been all over the place with alternative social

Philip Ferguson

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