Ireland rejects Nice treaty

kevin mcnicholl kevin_mcnicholl at
Wed Jun 13 11:49:22 MDT 2001

yes gary it is true that the youth of the nationalist community did have
(even more so than usual) great support for Sien Fien. But for want of a
better way of putting it, the working class youth of this country literally
dont know their right from left (politically specking of cource!). the
northern ireland question isnt one of imperialists versus socialism as many
in the wider world feel.  one hundred years ago this was the case however.
after 700 years it has turned into tribal warfare. very few people on each
side of the struggle know or care why they are fighting anymore.  the SDLP,
are not a soft touch on the RUC, rather they are making it morwe attractive
for the catholic comunity to join.  i think the reason for the large turn
out for the extremists this year is (as usual) nothing to do with policys,
rather that the pacifist centre ground is not in the least bit sexy.
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