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The general problem with Julio is that he refuses to come terms with the
discourse of this list.. His insistence that  imperialism is becoming more
and more irrelevant in today's world is unexpected from a person writing
from Mexico. Only a person living in some form of wealth or elite of their
countries can make such comments.  Julio also refused to engage in my El
Salvador article that I posted as an evidence of how labor conditions in
garment industry are socially sucking in the third world. Julio's
implication was that those working for low wages-- 55 cents per hour that
is-- deserve what they get because of the "unskilled" or "unproductive"
labor they put in.  And he tried to "rationalize" this in terms of the
historical context of labor unique to Latin  America. This sort of blaming
the "victim", rather than capitalism forcing people into conditions of
selling their labor power,  is one endorsed by Julio. Very unfortunate.

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> I don't remember my exact words, but I don't remember having told Julio
> leave this list. If I don't recall wrongly, I suggested that his task
would be
> better fulfilled elsewhere, and that his insistence was a waste of time
> bandwidth.
> As to my confidence in my dogmas, it is zero. I am a Marxist, I don't
have any
> dogma.
> But I recognize a colonial "Marxist" when I meet one.
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