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Fri Jun 15 07:52:18 MDT 2001

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On Fri, Jun 15, 2001 at 10:03:51AM +0800, Greg Schofield wrote:

> 1) Chris there is one fairly recent book which is very philosophical
> but also very rewarding - it is an argument about the role of
> Hegel's Science of Logic in the structure of Marx's Capital.  Tony
> Smith's "The Logic of Marx's Capital : Replies to Hegelian
> Criticisms" - it is highly recommended but depends on being a bit
> familiar with Hegel.  This book became critically important to me in
> understanding how the whole of Historical Materialism relates to
> itself, for once seeing the Science of Logic within Marx's Capital,
> a lot of other things fall into place including that comment about
> Marx turning Hegel rightway-up.

I can also recommend this book, the chapters showing how the development
of concepts in Capital is an application of dialectical logic really
(for me at least) put flesh on the bones of the latter.

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