Bush in Sweden

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at SPAMqut.edu.au
Fri Jun 15 19:20:40 MDT 2001

Is it too early to assess the impact of Bush's visit?  It reminds me of
Nixon's trip to S. America when he was vice-president.  I wonder was there
any covert sympathy for the protesters among the ranks of the European rulers?

Looking at Bush reminds me as well of something that Tom O'Lincoln said to
me years ago.  He reckoned that selecting Reagan as President indicated how
deeply arrogant the American ruling class was.  It was a sign he said that
they didn't give a damn about what other people thought.  Well if this was
true of Reagan it is doubly so of Bush.  Outside the USA he is regarded as
a dangerous idiot. I wonder is there any consciousness of theis within the

As for the events in Sweden, I have not seen any of the coverage of the
demonstrations, but they certainly sound violent.  Here in Brisbane
preparations are going ahead for the Commonwealth Heads of govt conference.
I myself could not initially see much point to the protests, other than as
an exercise in copycatism.  But still I will be there.  Meanwhile the
Brisbane police are practically having orgasms as they run through their
anti-terrorist drills.  They love this stuff.

I am not sure the Swedish police are so keen.  the fact that they opened
fire on the demonstrations marks a turning point.  How will the protestors



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