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Sat Jun 16 16:33:46 MDT 2001

--- "Jose G. Perez" <jgperez at netzero.net> wrote:
> The notorious henchman and assassin of the Batista
> dictatorship, Esteban
> Ventura Novo, is dead of a heart attack
> How hated this butcher was can be judged by the
> write-up below in El Herald,
> official organ of the counterrevolutionary gusano
> mafia, highlighting some
> of his crimes. Even the likes of rabidly pro
> imperialist editors of El
> Herald could not see their way clear to hide this
> man's nature...

For someone who grew up in Miami (and still lives in
South Florida), it is strange to see The Miami
Spanish-language edition described this way, for
hardcore gusanos despise El Herald, see it as an
of (gringo) outsiders to coopt them (for mere profit),
and drive with bumber stickers that read "No Creo en
El Herald."  Perhaps this explains the passage above,
for surely a truly "official organ" of the "gusano
mafia" would have had no trouble whitewashing Sr.
Novo's career.

Michael Davidson

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