Subject: Let us put an end to all this...

Manuel Fernandes manoelefernandes at
Sat Jun 16 18:53:14 MDT 2001

Dayne Goodwin wrote:
'Hey Louis, if we need to make a choice between having Julio or Nestor on this
list, i vote for Nestor.'   In my view, this is it:
'Something tells me that Nestor, like Arnold Schwarzenegger in "The Terminator",
will be back.'
Good on you Lou!   As Gary MacLennan put it:
'It is simply unthinkable that Nestor should unsubscribe.'   But by the same
token, the fact that Julio ' an intellectual who happens to be in Mexico
who enjoys reading and discussing Marx's writings...', should be no reason for
him to be excluded or voted out.   And let us hope that more and more List
Participants 'have
less time (or no time at all) for empty "theory" ' as Macdonald suggests, and
not only Nestor.   Many times, just the Digests... reach my monitor as long
pieces of fastidious empty theory... which could be due to the persistent
attachment of many Marxists to inadequate Leninist, Maoist and Trotskyist
formulas, and above all to their inability to connect their debates to social
analyses, political theory and political action  in their own
countries/communities . The only way open to a Marxist renewal is a persistent
reconstruction of the political theory based on the study of the social
situation of each country and the world at large. For this to be achieved,
Marxists have to abandon the isolationist practice of disregarding useful
contributions developed by others, because isolationism encourages defective
forms of empirical inquiries, and obstructs revision of faulty theoretical
assertions. Let us concentrate on the centrality of exploitation in production
and exchange, class domination and conflict, power, ideology, the nature and
role of the bourgeois state, and the need for socialism. At the same time, let
us rediscover our commitment to people's general interests in everyday social
life. And - along with the traditional Marxist concerns in improving living
conditions - a new awareness of 'difference' of those disadvantaged not only by
class, but also by their sexual preferences, creed, race or ethnicity, and an
interest with global inequality, ecology and militarisation should be connected
to a central commitment for the suppression of the structural domination of
labour. At this stage, I have no reason to think that either Julio or Nestor are
not serious about this.   Yours in struggle,   Manoele Fernandes  

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