Baburam's article available in English (was: Re: Nepalia Imbruglia)

Ulhas Joglekar uvj at
Sat Jun 16 22:17:25 MDT 2001

From: Johannes Schneider
> your Pol Pot oneliner I just ignored. But this I simply do not understand,
> why do you have to resort to the crudest anti-Chinese and anti-communist
> stereotypes to justify the repression of the press in Nepal.

I have not justified repression of the press in Nepal. Show me where and
when I have defended undemocratic policies in Nepal. Or elsewhere. I do not
believe that civil liberties are bourgeois in nature and therefore formal
(i.e. unreal) freedoms. Forms are as real as the substance. By what logic,
my reference to Falun Gong amounts to the justification of repression in

> This does not have do to with the strategy of the CPN (Maoist) at all, but
> it is a simple issue of democratic rights. Even if Kantipur were a Maoit
> mouthpiece its repression would be unjustified, but if you have a look at
> you will see they are rather critical of the CPN

This is like carrying coal to Dhanbad.


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