Baburam's article available in English (was: Re: Nepalia Imbruglia)

Ulhas Joglekar uvj at
Sat Jun 16 22:21:06 MDT 2001

From: Johannes Schneider:
> Ulhas,
> I share a lot of your doubts about Maoist strategy. Your option a) seems
> be a possibilty, especially if you look at the way how the 'Maoist'
> leadership of Ethiopia (and partly Eritrea) accomodated to 'realities'.
> Furthermore I strongly doubt there is a path to 'Socialism in One
> But still the way you are arguing sounds like TINA. Either surrender to
> imperialism or choose the path of Pol Pot. BTW Pol Pot as symbol stands
> for 'delinking', than for genocide.
I do not believe in 'Socialism in One Country'. The options indicated by me
are not my options. There are the options before CPN(m) given their ideology
and orientation. I have described certain possibilities, I am not advocating

> I am certainly not in a position to give adice on anti-imperialist
> in South-Asia. But don't you think India is ahving a dominating position
> Nepal and the accusations against Indian 'hegemonism' contain some truth.

India's smaller neighbours have some genuine grievances, the question is how
do you handle them. I could have said, 'You are resorting to the crudest
stereotypes about India', but I won't. I don't need such arguments.


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