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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sun Jun 17 11:33:41 MDT 2001

>I think that Julio's main limitations is that he tends to be boring and a
>bit long winded. now he is not the only one on the list with these
>limitations. I personally like it better when people come to the point
>quickly. life is short...I do not think his credentials as a militant are in
>question.  maybe it's just that I get bored easily listening to people talk.
>reading email messages is not like reading a book or journal article. they
>should have a style of their own. you know, kind of conversational...

As a general rule of thumb, the less Marx quoting you do, the better off
you are, especially from the Grundrisse which were nothing but notebooks
that Marx used to develop the ideas that would be found in Capital. You
should have seen the grandfather of this list--actually you are lucky that
you never did. It was filled with ultra-sectarian Maoists and sectarians
who would post unbelievably long citations from Mao, Stalin or Trotsky.
This kind of subculture (there is no other word for it) reminds me of the
preachers I enjoy listening to on WMCA, the all-talk Christian radio
station in NYC when I wake up in the middle of the night to go pee (wait to
you all young men on the list get to be 56!) They never seem to get tired
of saying, "This book was written by God. In it he says that the damned
shall be punished for all eternity, while the saved will sit at his side in
heaven." This always leads to a discussion why God has elected who is saved
and who is damned, which has nothing to do with your deeds on earth. In
other words, Richard Nixon could go to heaven while Mother Teresa might go
to hell. Come to think of it, they probably belong in the same place. I
could never figure out this 'elect' business. Is it because there is
limited room in heaven and God has to draw straws? Sounds like Manhattan
real estate.

Louis Proyect
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