Bought off workers?

Alan Bradley abradley1 at
Sun Jun 17 18:08:10 MDT 2001

> From: "Alex LoCascio"
> The notion of some mythical privileged white working class living off the
> spoils of imperialism has been superseded by the actual development of
> capitalism since about 1973.  I don't know what reality Greg is living in,
> but the internationalization of lean production has decimated the
> proletariat of the advanced capitalist countries.
> I make $8.50 an hour part-time throwing heavy boxes around at a rapid
> pace. If I'm lucky, the opportunity for a full-time job might present
> itself in another ten years or so.
> While this ain't exactly the conditions that workers in a Maquila zone
> face, it's certainly not the imagined cushiness of an industrial job
> during the era of social peace between capital and labor.

I think Alex is being excessively narrow in his focus on who are workers,
and thus what their conditions are.  This is the same sleight of hand used
to "prove" that we are in a post-industrial age, and similar scams.

The proletariat is the overwhelming majority of the population in the
imperialist states.  Not surprisingly, it's stratifications and internal
divisions are almost as complex as those of it's parent societies.

Yes, there are privileged layers.  Often, they are the sections of the class
that provide its political leadership, to the extent that its leadership is
drawn from the class.  Yes, these leaders tend to reflect their privileged

The working class is not just factory workers.

Alan Bradley
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