Argentina: 2 killed at Salta roadblock

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Mon Jun 18 03:52:19 MDT 2001

>From German indymedia:

Argentinien: Polizei erschießt Demonstranten
At least 2workers killed, 3 severely injured when unemployed workers who are
blockin a
national route in demand of labour were brutally repressed by provincial and
goverment troops.

This morning police entered General Mosconi town, in Salta province. they
cut all services like electricity, gas, water and media too. Police is
repressing unemployed protest using
tear-gasses and bullets. Unemployed were protesting to get a job and against
the persecution acted by job-chiefs. Two people have been killed in the
morning. Many protesters are heavily wounded and are in hospitals right now.

According to some sources right now 3000 persons are in the streets to front
police repression. Other people are coming to support them from Tartagal.
The situation is really confused a the moment and there's no way to know
more since police blocked the entrance of press to the town. According to
people in the town police is going home by homr searchin' for protesters and
they are expecting more haevy armed policemen coming to reach the mountains
near the city to block other protesters being there.

Civil Rights Center is calling for a demonstration against police brutality
in Salta province's

Spanish report from the Clarin website:

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