Autonomist red-baiters

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Jun 18 07:01:59 MDT 2001

This morning I found a flood of messages from the autonomist list basically
calling for my removal. Here's one:

hi all

Louis Proyect (some Leninist who somehow got on our list) wrote:

> >what other option is there?

would that be the Cuba that killed lots of anarchists after the revolution?
the one that wanted to nuke the US during the Cuban missile crisis? the one
that locked up HIV/AIDS victims? or is it that mythical Cuba of the leninist
intellectuals, their last hope that actually existing socialism still exists
somewhere. seems like the leninist intellectuals in and of themselves can
only achieve (third-world) bourgeois nationalist consciousness.

>I don't think a vanguard party is an appropriate tool for the "libertarian
>left". It is for those, however, who are seeking to overthrow the
>capitalist class, a task that Negri and Hardt have disavowed.

I'm not a Negrian (if such a thing exists) and I don't think there are too
many of them on this list so I'm not sure who your comments are directed at.
However hopefully all of us on this list are 'seeking to overthrow the
capitalist class' something which is not best done by mirroring the
capitalist organisation of society with an authoritarian party.


What I find interesting is that for all the fetish about individualism and
freedom, they can't stand the idea that I am coming into their midst and
criticizing their ideas. This idiot complains about anarchists being killed
in Cuba (!) but won't take the trouble to answer my substantive arguments.
I have a feeling that if these people ever got a taste of power (like the
dog finally catching a car), the first thing they'd do would be to people
like us in front of a firing squad.

Louis Proyect
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