After Gothenburg - repression

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Mon Jun 18 10:03:44 MDT 2001

European leaders are again showing their contempt for democracy: The Irish
have to go to the polls until they agree to the Nice treaty and the right to
assemble and move freely is suspended if you dare to protest against


>From today's Guardian, full text at:,7369,508634,00.html
(And do not say the Guardian has no sense for humor, the subtitle of the
story is 'European integration')

Travel ban to block 'anarchist' leaders
Travel ban to block riot leaders
European integration
Ian Black in Gothenburg and Michael White
Monday June 18, 2001
The Guardian
Governments of the leading industrialised states are to use a detailed
police dossier on the "travelling anarchists' circus" which disrupted the
EU's Gothenburg summit to prevent key organisers from entering countries
hosting future meetings.
After three days of rioting in Sweden's second city, and as EU states set in
train urgent talks on security cooperation to forestall violence at future
summits, it emerged that ringleaders are likely to be treated like football
hooligans - and kept at home.

>From the BBC website, full text at:
Monday, 18 June, 2001, 11:28 GMT 12:28 UK
Gothenburg leaves summits in disarray
Urgent security reviews of forthcoming summits are under way after the
rioting which marred the European Union's Gothenburg summit.
Next month's G8 summit in the Italian city of Genoa is expected to see a
dramatic new approach to security, with fears that protesters may be spurred
on by their success in disrupting the Swedish event.
The suggestion is even being raised that the Genoa summit might have to be
moved to a warship or cruise liner to guarantee the safety of delegates -
who will include US President George W Bush.

And finally our street-fughter turned foreign minister:
"German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, himself the target of a media and
political campaign in connection with his own past as a militant
demonstrator, declared his "horror" at the violence."

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