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Mon Jun 18 15:37:59 MDT 2001

>As for Nicaragua I had a strange experience:
>Several years ago (in the eighties) I sed to drink in the staff bar at
>Lambeth Town Hall run bya Trotskyist ex labour leader of Lambeth Council. A
>visiting delegation from Nicaragua was brought in and left un attended
>whilst their 'chaperones' ordered drinks. Being hospitable folk, me and my
>comrades suggested that they sit at the two empty chairs at our table -
>which they quickly did. Soon their chaperones returned with their drinks to
>find them engrossed in conversation with us. They were horrified to hear us
>describe how horrible the Labour Party was, and that particularly include
>that in Lambeth.

You must be referring to Rosa and Miguel. I've heard all sorts of scandals
about them myself. Not only did they refuse to refuse to work, they also
insisted on using the upper-case in the most inappropriate fashion when
every revolutionary in Latin America had opted for the lower-case.

>I had heard that this how visitors to Soviet Block countries, but it
>clearly happens in the UK as well.

True. True. In the Soviet block countries, you had to smuggle in Pet Shop
Boys records and Levi jeans. Thank goodness those terrible days are over.

>But you failed. You are merely making a statement. You are not defending
>that statement except by using a brusque, even hurtful tone in your
>e-mails. I'm sorry this really will not do.

Hurtful? You should consider a little dab of Solarcaine and 2 aspirins. It
does wonders for me when my ego has been bruised.

>The Nation-state is not an arena. You are confusing it with the
>national-spectacle whereby a show is put on in arena delimited by the
>collective-delusion of the nation. In the struggle for communism, the light
>of revolution will no doubt enter this house of mirrors, and this
>illumination is fragmented and shattered into a thousands shards of reason
>it will have an amazing effect on that collective delusion. However those
>trapped within the house of mirrors will not experience the direct benefits
>of bathing directly in the rosy balm of the dawn of a new era.

Yes, but a politics presuming the ontological indifference of all minority
social identities as defining oppressed or dominated groups, a politics in
which differences are sublimated in the constitution of a minority identity
(the identity politics which is increasingly being questioned within
feminism itself) can recover the differences between social identities only
on the basis of common and therefore commensurable experiences of
marginalization, which experiences in turn yield a political practice that
consists largely of affirming the identities specific to those experiences.

>As for Hardt and Negri, the book is not really worth reading, as I
>understand it does not deal with Dante's influential text 'Monarchia' which
>articulated a movement which inlcuded Arnold of Brescia and the Rome
>Commune of 1143.

The Rome Commune of 1143? Wasn't the Paris Commune based on their example?
I seem to remember that the workers of the Vyborg district were heavily
into Arnold of Brescia--that might explain the Russian revolution.

>This had a major impact on gang of occultists who forged
>the link between the two words British and Empire under the tutelage of
>John Dee. One only has to gaze at the ceiling in the Great Hall at
>Greenwich Palace to see the imaginal landscape which was project into the
>minds of the Navy Officers at the British navies headquarters as they ate,
>drank and made merry.

Were you there when I got naked after taking psilocybin? I played Charlie
Parker tunes on my flute until dawn.

>The iconography reworks images of the Roman Empire
>into a contemporary scenario whereby the British establish an Empire which
>extends across the whole world. There are other liitle supporting pieces of
>icongraphy: the fasces and the letters SPQ for the Senate and the People .
>Perhaps you could make your critique more of a review to help those of us
>unlikely to bother to get a copy.

I have a better idea. Using ESP, I will transmit a mental copy of the book.

Louis Proyect
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