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Mon Jun 18 21:41:58 MDT 2001

On Mon, 18 Jun 2001, Greg Schofield wrote:

> David I only post this to fully concur with your view on this:
>> Neither but the theory that first world workers are in some way
>> benefiting from conditions in the third world seems to be suggested
>> almost as frequently as 'lazy native' theories and some people on this
>> list apparently see them as alternatives. Indeed, it isn't just
>> confined to left email lists, it's a common place of the environmental
>> movement (as well as various charities) that the problem for the third
>> world is 'excessive'consumption by workers, along with the call for a
>> 'voluntary' reduction in living standards.
> I could name a hundred examples of this logic of "thrift" and moral blame.
> It is widespread, indeed the common wisdom, and it is so misdirected, one
> might take it one step more and say it is part of the current bourgeois
> ideology and expresses the general tendency of capital towards universal
> impoverishment as a necessity.
> Greg Schofield
> Perth Australia

Have the white people of North America across the board not benefited
materially from the oppression of black and native people in the USA?

J Enyang

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