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Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Tue Jun 19 22:05:36 MDT 2001

you are a devil.  Your post on Digest 3622 was hilarious.

One of the things that gets me about the indigestible and pretentious prose
used by many autonomists and every postmodernist is that they seem
blissfully ignorant that it just makes them look like total idiots.
Moreover, it is possible for anyone to write this kind of prose as that old
lark at Lingua Franca showed and as you showed most amusingly in your para
in response to Fabian.

This also takes the cake:

>This had a major impact on gang of occultists who forged
>the link between the two words British and Empire under the tutelage of
>John Dee. One only has to gaze at the ceiling in the Great Hall at
>Greenwich Palace to see the imaginal landscape which was project into the
>minds of the Navy Officers at the British navies headquarters as they ate,
>drank and made merry.

First Fabian dismisses the nation-state - including, presumably its
repressive apparatus - as mere spectacle and delusion.  One can only wish
that his head or his groin comes in contact with a police truncheon and he
discovers that it's him, not the masses, suffering delusions about the
(non)-existence of the nation-state.

But then he seems to think that the British Empire is some kind of mental
(and artistic) construct, thrown up by a "gang of occultists" who then
arrange for someone to paint a ceiling so that naval officers will think it
is real.  I wonder how this kind of thinking goes down among those on the
receiving end of the only too real British Empire, which robbed and
murdered people in every corner of the globe.

Then again, I'm still just livid with jealousy over the autonomist who's
PhD is on culinary goodies in four European cities, while I slave for five
years uncovering White New Zealand/anti-Asian immigration policies which
shaped, and were shaped by, the formation of an only too-real capitalist
nation-state in NZ in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

I could have been dining out in Paris, Madrid, Rome and Athens, comparing
cuisines, and building up a impressive cross-cultural CV as an entree to
any number of trendy sub-disciplines.

Philip Ferguson

PS: I loved it that Fab dismissed 'Empire' for not dealing with the Rome
Commune of 1143 and one of Dante's works.  It certainly makes Lou look
unsophisticated for only being concerned with its lack of references to
imperialism, NATO, the IMF and WTO.

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