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Subject: MEDIA ADVISORY-2nd annual Oglala Commemoration June 26, 2001


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COINTEL Coincidence?: FBI meets on Rosebud Rez 6 days before Oglala June
26th Commemoration Event begins.

JUNE 20, 2001--Below is a transcript of a speech given by a member of the
Lakota Student Alliance on the morning of June 19, 2001 in the Antelope
community on the Rosebud Reservation. The speech is in response to an all
day FBI, BIA Law Enforcement gathering which supposedly was to address the
alleged "gang activity" among youth of the Rosebud Reservation.

The LSA member's son was asked to do the opening prayer at this event
without the notification of his mother. When the 9yr old boy found out what
it was about, he asked his mother to help him address his concerns. Below is

the text of what transpired during the course of their conversation.

The LSA points out that its awfully coincidental that the FBI meets on the
Rosebud Reservation near the site of the second annual Oglala Commemoration
event scheduled for June 26, 2001 in Oglala SD. The event is dedicated to
the education of issues around the imprisonment of Leonard Peltier, an AIM
activist unjustly convicted in the deaths of two FBI agents.

In January 2001, President Bill Clinton ignored Peltiers bid for Clemency.
Peltier supporters claim the United States is witholding thousdands of FBI
documents relative to the 1975 Shooting in Oglala which left an AIM member's

murder unsolved.

Peltier supporters are planning on gathering in Oglala on the Pine Ridge
Reservation to commemorate the historic event and hope to heal old wounds
such as the Reign of Terror which existed in the area between 1975 and 1973.

Peltier supporters say the Reign of Terror was created by the FBI who
supplied weapons to local Indian vigilantes known as the Goon Squads.

The Lakota Student Alliance says they cannot forget but the people must
forgive each other "so that we can move on."

From: "Elizabeth F. Clifford" <ecliffor at tcsdk12.org>
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 12:25:27 -0500

It is a youth forum (open mic this afternoon if anyone can make it)

It is sponsored by the FBI, BIA law enforcement, RST court services  and
a few others.  The purpose of the forum is to address the problems of
escalating violence and gang activity among the young people.  The forum
came about through the efforts of some of the community people who have
been victims of the violence.  This forum is to give all people (but in
particular the youth) a chance to address the problem.

There are about 20 or so booths set up providing information on
community services... most are tribally affiliated... about 1/3 are law
enforcement from the BIA... to RST... to FBI... to the US atty.

Unfortunately there were only 5-10 youth present this morning... the
rest were adults..  The forum is being  held at the SGU multi-purpose
center in Antelope (Antelope is a community that has been apparently
pretty hard hit by violence)

A bit "coincidental" that this forum is what  6 days before the

Also found out the person who was the initial contact person (the one
who asked Mato without contacting me first) was also one of the
dispatchers the day of the shoot out.  hmmmm.



Hau, Mato Luta Cook emaciyapi yell.  Lilac hinhannila hci wasteyapelo.
Cante wasteya na iyuha iyuskinyan ne nape ciyuzapelo.

I have been asked to come here and something that is very difficult for
me.  It is something that is hard for me to talk about, so I have asked
my mother, Elizabeth Clifford, to say something to you on my behalf.

Good Morning.  Last week my son as asked to come here to pray.  At first he
accepted.  He thought it was a birthday party.  When I explained to  him
what it was and who was involved I got as far as the letters: "F" "B" "I".
My son interrupted me and asked "Aren't those the people who hurt my grandma

and grandpa?"

I told him "Yes, but that was a long time ago."

He said "I don't care... I don't want to do it.

So I called Kelly Lafferty (RST Court services officer) and told her my
son's decision.  For the past week we have had long conversations about
the relationship the United Stated and in particular the F. B. I. has
had with our People.  He needs for you to understand some things before
he can offer his prayer.

At 9 years old my son in the 3rd generation to deal with the fall out of the

Reign of Terror inflicted upon our relatives at the hands of the F. B. I. He

is only one of thousands.  The violent acts committed by young people today
are inherited.  You, the F.B.I. and other US government agencies have handed

down this legacy.  Our children are very aware of this legacy.  This makes
it difficult for my son to stand before you today.

You've come here today to ask our children "What is wrong?"  Why are
gangs, violence and drug and alcohol abuse so prevalent among our young
people?  "What can be done to change things?"  Look in the mirror.
Stand up, admit to the wrongdoings of the F. B. I., apologize, take
responsibility and correct what you have done.

In the course of our conversations I was able to help my son see the
balance of your history with our People.  We have something to be
grateful for.  Through all the illegal, deceitful, and underhanded
tactics employed by the F. B. I., B. I. A. and the Justice Department to
inflict harm upon our relatives and to falsely imprison our relative... and
the tactics the F.B.I. and other US institutions currently employ to keep
him and all of us political prisoners you have hand picked, cultivated,
developed and continue to give voice and purpose to the most effective
Indigenous leader the world has ever known...

Throughout his term as a political prisoner he has single handedly
brought to the forefront of world relations the human rights abuses and
neglect of the United States and other countries who persecute and
genocidally eliminate Indigenous populations.  No other human rights
activist, political prisoner or human being has been able to so
effectively bring so many international factions together for a single
purpose.  The longer his incarceration continues, the more powerful and
effective Leonard Peltier becomes.

As difficult as it was for my son to find the forgiveness in his heart
for what was done to his grandparents, it was the realization of this
balance that brings him before you today.


(then Mato prayed)


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