Situation in Salta

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Wed Jun 20 18:44:29 MDT 2001

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el 21 Jun 01, a las 0:36, Johannes Schneider dijo:

> Argentinian indymedia
> is comparing the situation in Gral. Mosconi to the military dictatorship.
> Can comrades from Argentina give us an update, what is going on?
> Johannes

Yes, dear Johannes. The situation is getting worse by the minutes. But at the
same time these events are generating a reaction of outrage in the whole
country. Together with the piracy on Aerolíneas, the events in the North are
demonstrating what is the actual consequence of imperialism in our country.
There are many signs of a new political mood brewing beneath the mute
astonishment of our countrypeople. It would not be impossible that we can
witness some form of popular uprising within short.

As you all may guess, I am caught into a Maelstrom of political activity, that
is why I am not posting more frequently and on length. But I can comment on
your postings. I count on your understanding. Unfortunately, the bird of Athena
flies at dusk, and we are in full noon here these days.

Cheers from Nestor, biting the tether and eager to jump to the streets,

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at

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