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             Green Left Weekly, Australia's socialist newspaper
                                 Issue #452
                               June 20, 2001
Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.


The June 8 police raid on the Jakarta Asia-Pacific People's Solidarity
Conference was part of the comeback attempt by the forces that dominated
Indonesian politics under General Suharto's dictatorship. Green Left
Weekly provides eyewitness accounts of the struggle for democracy in


 * Jakarta detainees demand answers from Downer
 * Indonesia-Australia relations -- back to the bad old days
 * Police spearhead right-wing comeback
 * `Like a scene from The Year of Living Dangerously'
 * Police frame-up collapses
 * `Catch them, kill them'
 * `Democracy in Peril'
 * `Colonial mentality' behind deportation
 * Emergency demonstrations helped free detainees
 * Worldwide support for Jakarta conference participants
 * US labour leaders condemn Jakarta crackdown
 * New Zealand protests greet Jakarta arrests


 * Asylum seeker: `Our conscience dictates that we must protest'


 * SWEDEN: Police shoot anti-capitalist protesters
 * BRITAIN: 129,000 votes for `genuine, radical socialism'
 * SCOTLAND: The rise and rise of the Scottish Socialist Party
 * IRELAND: Voter revolt stuns Europe's rulers
 * SOUTH AFRICA: A `warm' welcome for Powell
 * RUSSIA: Unions fight 19th century labour laws
 * IRELAND: Abortion ship offers women choice
 * SOUTH KOREA: KCTU wages `all-out struggle'
 * SOUTH KOREA: Daewoo workers visit US
 * UNITED STATES: The R-word and union democracy
 * UNITED STATES: Timothy McVeigh --Justice or vengeance?
 * COLOMBIA: Huge protests against IMF
 * EAST TIMOR: Australian government accused of spying
 * EAST TIMOR: Ramos Horta: no support for West Papuan `secession'
 * GHANA: Campaign intensifies against water privatisation
 * MALAYSIA: Hundreds protest repressive law
 * JAPAN: Activists to ATTAC capital
 * GERMAN GREENS: better than nothing, or worse than useless?


 * Corporate collapses: Make the rich pay
 * For a politically effective, mass protest action at CHOGM
 * Call to shut down Commonwealth Business Forum


 * Metroshelf workers defy sacking, maintain picket
 * Socialists to rally in Aston
 * No Friday night sales for Nike
 * Asia Pacific conference offers solidarity to Nike picket
 * Nike pickets in Sydney
 * Asylum seekers escape from Woomera
 * Leap forward for freedom struggle
 * Socialist Alliance launched in Newcastle
 * Ombudsman clears police of S11 violence


 * A product of a sick system
 * The Panopticon comes of age
 * Radical science fiction: the novels of Ken McLeod


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