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Dear Louis,

please post this. It's a bit late, unfortunately, because I stopped
receiving messages in early June for some reason and I only came across
Hearse's document yesterday in the archive.


Sebastian Budgen

Phil Hearse said (re Callinicos on the LCR): Of course criticisms can be
made. But you have to know on what basis you are making them. Otherwise you
end up with real tosh like claiming it has left, and not so left, social
democrats in its membership. That kind of thing just makes the SWP look
stupid to anyone who knows the facts.

As a matter of fact, it is Phil Hearse who is incorrect here. One of the
LCR's leading intellectuals, Philippe Corcuff - a sociologist who joined
the LCR with a group of co-thinkers in a group called SELS and, who I
believe, sits on the Central Committee - is a self-proclaimed 'libertarian
social-democrat' who openly and frequently announces the fact that he is
not a Marxist and, indeed, that Leon Blum (the leader of the SFIO) was
correct against the communists in the Tours Congress of 1920. It was to
him, and the group of people around him (some in leading positions) that
Callinicos was, I think, making reference.

Louis Proyect
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