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......On Saturday, June 16th, tens of thousands marched to the Belgrade jail,
while Prosecutors told an investigator: "We're Only Doing What the US

by Jared Israel Includes: Investigative Report on Milosevic Case by Canadian
Lawyer Chris Black

On Saturday, June 16 a huge crowd rallied and marched 7 kilometers to the
Belgrade jail. Protesters demanded:

* No extradition to the Hague Tribunal! * Keep Kosovo in Serbia! * End
Repression in Serbia! * End destruction of Yugoslav economy! * Free Slobodan
Milosevic Now!"

People on the scene estimated about 50,000 were at the rally. This writer
spoke by mobile phone to march Monitors who waited two hours for everyone to
pass a given point. It was a very big demonstration.

The marchers were driven by a passion for justice that elicited a like
response from tens of thousands of onlookers. They cheered from balconies or
joined in the streets, swelling the ranks as protesters marched to the jail
where Slobodan Milosevic has been held 10 weeks without evidence, without
charge, imprisoned, as prosecutors have now admitted, for the crime of
resisting NATO. The mass media in Yugoslavia broadcasts ever more bizarre
rumors of war crimes while leaders in Washington, Berlin and London, who
committed the real war crimes of creating the terrorist Kosovo Liberation
Army and bombing Yugoslavia, yank the strings of the Belgrade authorities.

Contrary to news accounts, many of the marchers were young. When they got to
the jail they tried to tear the fence down. March Monitors restrained them,
believing this could be a trap set by the Belgrade authorities, who are
increasingly isolated, under harsh pressure from NATO to produce results, and

Once these 'Democrats' promised great improvements if Yugoslavia stopped
opposing NATO. Now, in the ruin of the Yugoslav economy, they threaten
disaster if Yugoslavia doesn't give Washington everything it wants.

Belgrade is disgusted. What have the 'Democrats' delivered?

* Sky high prices - the cost of electricity now vastly exceeds wages; (1)

* Arbitrary rule - the 'police' who tried to arrest Slobodan Milosevic March
28 had women's stockings pulled over their faces like minor actors in a
gangster film. (2)

* The dismantling of Yugoslav industry under the guise of repaying foreign
debts via a "Donors" [read: Creditors'] Conference; (3)

* And the threat that thousands who defended their country in the honorable
Yugoslav Army will now be arrested on rumor of war crimes and possibly sent
to what most Yugoslavs consider the Serb-killing Court at the Hague. (4)

Several leading members of the International Committee to Defend Slobodan
Milosevic (ICDSM) were in town to attend the demonstration. The ICDSM
sponsors the petition to FREE MILOSEVIC! which Emperor's Clothes has been
hosting. (5)

These ICDSM members formed a temporary Working Committee and met Sunday the
17th, after which they issued the report below, which speaks eloquently, and
for itself.

--Jared Israel


Belgrade, June 17, 2001

The International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic (ICDSM) Working
Committee has considered and accepted the preliminary report presented by
Christopher Black, after his week long mission in Belgrade.


Mr. Black is a Canadian lawyer with a great deal of experience with and
knowledge of the so-called International War Crimes Tribunals. He has written
several papers on their structure, financing and role in the New World Order.

Mr. Black is one of the group of lawyers, led by Professor Michael Mandel,
who in May, 1999 brought war crimes charges against NATO leaders and
officials for their responsibility for the criminal aggression against

During the week of June 11, Attorney Black was in Belgrade on behalf of the
International Committee to Defend Slobodan Miloshevich. His goal: to
determine the facts concerning the arrest and detention of Mr. Miloshevich
and to report his conclusions to the ICDSM and to the public.


The following findings are based on Mr. Black's report, as well as other
well-known facts:

After meeting with Mr. Toma Fila, counsel for Mr. Milosevich, with officials
of the Ministry of Justice, with the Deputy Presiding Judge of the Belgrade
District Court and with the Investigative Judge and others involved in Mr.
Miloshevich's case, it is clear that there is not a shred of evidence that
Mr. Miloshevich committed any crime. The inability of the present regime to
produce any evidence against Mr. Miloshevich after all this time can lead to
only one conclusion: that his arrest and detention are for political reasons.

Several other factors support this conclusion:

His position as leader of the Socialist Party;

The attempted abduction and threat to his life by forces unknown on the first
night of the arrest drama;

The massive police presence before he voluntarily surrendered, meant to
portray Miloshevich as dangerous and an escape risk, at the same time
terrorizing his supporters and family;

The timing of the arrest attempt - at night - under cover of darkness to
heighten the elements of surprise and intimidation;

The hurried attempt to arrest Miloshevich in time to meet a deadline set by
Washington, which is criminally responsible for the war of aggression against

The accompanying arrests of 250 other members of the SPS and YUL on similarly
vague charges of "misuse of power" - the signature of political arrests.

It is also clear that his arrest has two main political objectives:

a) to discredit, demoralize and destroy the SPS, YUL and other progressive
and patriotic forces in Yugoslavia who still believe in national sovereignty
and honor;

b) to help the NATO criminals justify their aggression against the people of
Yugoslavia, which, if successful will have devastating consequences for the
people of this beautiful country, the Balkans and the whole world.


The DOS regime calls itself "democratic". But real democracy can not exist
without the rule of law and without economic and social justice.

Their attempt to change the law after the fact to allow extradition in order
to hand Mr. Miloshevich over to the Hague tribunal is a violation of the
universally accepted legal principle that criminal laws cannot be enacted

The DOS leaders have tried to justify their proposed extradition law on two


First, they say that such a law is constitutional because while the Yugoslav
Federal Constitution forbids extradition of Yugoslav citizens to another
country, the Hague Tribunal is not another country. This is sophistry. When
the Yugoslav constitution was written there was no tribunal, so of course no
tribunal was mentioned. Clearly the intention was to prevent extradition of
citizens. Moreover, the Serbian Republican Constitution simply forbids
extradition, without regard to destination.

Second, they say that the Tribunal's authority is higher than that of the

But from what power does this super-national sovereignty derive?

To create a UN judicial body with binding authority requires treaty
ratification by individual nations. This was never done with the Hague War
Crimes Tribunal. Thus it has no authority over Yugoslavia or any other state.

Instead, the Security Council simply set up the War Crime Tribunal on the
authority of the UN Charter, Article VII. But Article VII does not grant the
SC the right to create judicial bodies. In setting up the court, the Security
Council acted ultra vires. The Tribunal is an illegal body.


At an award ceremony, held at the American Supreme Court on April 5, 1999,
the President of the Hague Tribunal, Judge Gabrielle Kirk McDonald,
acknowledged that the Tribunal was essentially created by Madeline Albright,
the Soros Foundation and various agencies in and around the United States
government. That same month, Hague Tribunal Chief Prosecutor Louise Arbour
held a joint press conference in Washington with U.S. Secretary of State
Madeline Albright. Thus Arbour, a key figure in a supposed war crimes
Tribunal, endorsed the conduct of a government waging criminal war even as
the bombs were falling.

The various Yugoslav and Serbian officials with whom Attorney Black met all
conceded that there was no evidence of any kind against Slobodan Miloshevich.
They justified their actions on the grounds that they were doing what the
U.S. government wanted.

The DOS leaders are not demanding that Yugoslavia's national sovereignty be
surrendered to the Hague Tribunal. They are demanding that Yugoslavia's
national sovereignty be surrendered to the United States.


On the basis of these findings, the ICDSM demands that the DOS regime obey
the rule of law and release Slobodan Miloshevich and all other political
prisoners immediately. No Yugoslav citizen or anybody else should be
extradited to the Hague Tribunal.


Attorney Black's report was unanimously adopted by the following people,
meeting as the ICDSM Working Committee, on June 17th, in Belgrade:

Professor Velko Valkanov, Member of Parliament, President, Bulgarian
Antifascist Union. Professor Valkanov is founder and Co-Chairman of the

Professor Mihail N. Kuznecov, Russian Federation, Vice-Chairman, ICDSM

Sergei Dovgan', President, Peasants' Party, Deputy of Parliament, Ukraine,
Vice-Chairman, ICDSM

Fulvio Grimaldi, Journalist and Film-Maker, Rome, Italy, Vice-Chairman, ICDSM

Aldo Bernardini, Professor of International Law, Italy

Christopher Black, ICDSM International Lawyers' Group, Canada

[To read the ICDSM petition to FREE MILOSEVIC, go to

To read comments by signers of the ICDSM petition worldwide, go to
http://emperors-clothes.com/petition/states.htm ]


1) "Bringing 'The Normal Life' To Yugoslavia," by Jared Israel at
http://emperors-clothes.com/analysis/soars.htm Drawing from a wire service
dispatch, the article documents current economic conditions in Yugoslavia and
compares current reality to the promises made nine months ago by the current
authorities, and the warnings made by its opponents, including us.

2) "A Pogrom in Belgrade," by Jared Israel at
http://emperors-clothes.com/articles/jared/sjf.htm The gruesome killing of a
long time Jewish activist in defense of Yugoslavia is placed in the context
of the growing desperation of the governing authorities, and terror

3) "We Accuse: Aid Promises Are A Traitorous Lie!" at
http://emperors-clothes.com/docs/fools.htm Washington loves to control the
terms of discourses, and people in Yugoslavia are supposed to debate: Should
we turn over Miloshevich and others who fought NATO in exchange for massive
aid? But what if the promises of massive aid are a cynical deception? What if
Yugoslavia is being asked to give up its national sovereignty by cooperating
with an illegal Tribunal and be rewarded with - economic devastation?

4) "Illegal Tribunal - Illegal Indictment," by Prof. Hans Koechler at
http://emperors-clothes.com/docs/prog2.htm Prof. Koechler, who has done much
important consulting work for the United Nations, examines the International
Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, the "Hague Tribunal," and finds
it entirely illegal.

5) Petition demands: "Free Milosevic! Hands off Yugoslavia!". Can be read at




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