Bought off workers?

Alan Bradley abradley1 at
Fri Jun 22 20:05:20 MDT 2001

This article Johannes posted seems kind of relevant to this thread.
> Britain's largest union ... the public services union Unison

This phenomenon of white collar unionism is interesting.  It includes layers
that at one stage would have very much been candidates for labour
aristocracy status, but which are systematically being worked over.

Almost as interesting - the left seems to recruit from groups that end up in
these unions.  That isn't really surprising - Marxism  tends to attract
people who are thinkers and readers.

Alan Bradley
abradley1 at

> From: "Johannes Schneider" <Johannes.Schneider at>
> Subject: New Labour - Union gap widening
> From the Guardian, full text at:
> Union fires warning to Blair on jobs
> Seumas Milne and Patrick Wintour
> Friday June 22, 2001

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