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Sat Jun 23 17:23:41 MDT 2001


> I agree the ruling class globally is exhausted.  The triumphalism of the
> early 1990s is gone.  Fukuyama has kind of mirrored this - his later
> emphasis on 'social capital' and fears about the negative aspects of
> unbridled markets contrasts with 'The End of History'.

Good. The less crap I hear about the "End of History" the better. Actions are
crushing this idea from Wall street to Gothenburg to René Levesque Boulevard.

> Even the head of the History Dept at canterbury University has recently
> discovered 'social capital', so it does seem to be catching on.

Since I'll then have to listen to TA's prattle this one on and on instead,
please Phil save me some time and sum up "social capital".

> A couple of (non-leftist) friends of mine do commerce and management
> studies.  Their new textbooks are very hot on 'social capital'.
> As for Baby Bush, I think the man is just a total dickhead and the US
> ruling class will have to sit him down and explain that "no, we don't want
> a war with China you knumbskull; we want expanded trade and more openings
> for investment there."

I don't agree at all. Surrounding Russia and China militarily and at the same
time flushing tax money into NMD while smoking off what is left of Chinese
sovereignty- this is very much within the trade agenda as a different front in
their war against the CPC. Just as we fight on many fronts, so do the American
rulers. Neither the US or China will interrupt their trade while they rattle
sabres, etc. Unless the left gets some influence within the CPC (something I
don't rule out but am not hopeful for), economic "logic" itself will dictate no
breach in capital exchange, even with a cold war on. The Americans will likely
keep tweaking the Chinese national nose with their interference and meddling in
Taiwan and Tibet. I tend to think they will "announce" an escalation in their
attacks on China when we first see large "reviews" and "special reports" on the
"national fighters" (or whatever they get as a monicker and a logo) in Xinyiang
(sp?) in the North.


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