Weberian marxism

George Snedeker snedeker at
Sun Jun 24 10:56:07 MDT 2001

I don't think Greg was very clear about the "Marxist" neoKantians he was
referring to. these seem to be contemporary figures, not the old ones we all

THE PROTESTANT ETHIC was an attempt to account for the rise of a "capitalist
culture." it does omit any discussion of primitive accumulation. why talk
about all that blood and gore? ideas are a cleaner turf to dig up. you won't
find any bodies in unmarked graves. I am not so sure that the P. E. fits
very well with the project of Historical Materialism. it was really part of
two discourses: the debate with Marx's ghost and the rise of capitalism on a
global scale. here Weber's studies of the other world religions must be
brought into the story. Protestantism was a rational religion for Weber.
this is the heart of his eurocentrism.

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