The new Red Army

Ulhas Joglekar uvj at
Tue Jun 26 06:55:57 MDT 2001

From: Juan R. Fajardo:
> I think it is reasonable to assume that Indian authorities would view
> destabilization of Nepal with concern, even alarm.  Perhaps enough to
> intervene in some way.  But there is no reason to assume that any
> intervention _must_ perforce be either direct or military.

I agree that destabilisation of Nepal would be viewed with concern, even
alarm. But a small landlocked nation integrated with India economically and
culturally has few options.

Non Maoist Marxist currents appear to be equally strong. It is not clear
what relationship Maoist and non Maoist currents are likely to have in
future. It is sometimes said that Nepali Maoist have been inspired by
Shining Path in Peru. What kind movement it is (or was)?


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