Jackson's Official Civil Rights Tour

Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at SPAMearthlink.net
Tue Jun 26 10:22:57 MDT 2001

Mrs Doris Allison, former NAACP president in Jackson and a very
long-time activist -- who, with Medgar Evers and myself, signed the
well-known letter to the Mississippi power structure on May 12, 1963
that threw down the gauntlet and set in motion the massive nonviolent
demonstrations -- has just called to tell me that Jackson now has its
official and much promoted Civil Rights Tour. [She and I talk at least
two or three times a month.]  Here is the Clarion-Ledger's page and,
while there are many more dimensions and people that could be included
and mentioned, this is certainly an intriguing little turn of events.

The three sit-ins indicated are myself, Joan Trumpauer [now
Mulholland] and Anne Moody.

Personally, my first reaction is that it's now time for a new personal
incarnation -- but, upon reflection, I'm sure we all agree that we
want to increase our social justice activities on whichever front or
fronts we are now privileged to be creatively and constructively

Anywhere, here's the link:


Solidarity - Hunter Gray [Hunterbear]   -- formerly John Salter, Jr

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