The new Red Army

Jim Farmelant farmelantj at
Tue Jun 26 17:34:38 MDT 2001

On Tue, 15 May 2001 17:28:50 -0600 "Clara Ryan" <cryan9587 at>

>The weird and wacky writings of Chairman Bob can
> be
> found off their newspaper site RIM info can be found
> at
> and
> There is
> an RCP front group that has alot of info on Shiningpath at
> Other funny Maoist stuff I've collected can be found at

Nothing about Olaechea's Internet sidekick, the great Louis Godena, the
owner of the Marxism-International list, and a co-officer in Olaechea's
"organization" JUSTIN (Justice International)?

Jim F.

> in struggle,
> ryan
> cryan9587 at

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