ATTAC newsletter: After Gothenburg

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Wed Jun 27 04:41:08 MDT 2001

The latest ATTAC newsletter discusses the events and tactics used in
Gothenburg. From the introduction:
"1- After the events at Gothenburg
We printed one wrong fact last week: the demonstrator was not shot in the
back but from the front. All around Europe discussions have tried to explain
the facts, to evaluate consequences. All around Europe actions when
demonstrating are viewed as peaceful, especially for Genoa. However there
are differences on analyzing the events, and drawing conclusions from them.
Non-violence is not quite the issue, since we want it to reinforce our
messages and our calls, but the police reactions and legal violence, is.
Here is the declaration made by ATTAC France concerning Gothenburg.
2- I was at Gothenburg
Here is Susan George's point of view concerning Gothenburg. In fact it was
published in French at the same time as Christophe Aguiton's piece published
in English last week. The two points of view started a very useful and
interesting week with exchanges of views by readers of the French
newsletter. Like it was explained there is no two different views on
violence: every one is favoring non violence, but there is a variety of
differences on perceiving the events.
3- The violence at Gothenburg and Barcelona
The problem of violence is central since Genoa is approaching and we all
want to make it a full success with 100 000 peaceful demonstrators in the
streets of the Italian city. This is why the views expressed here are
important, although personal."

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