Sinn Fein has made peace with imperialism

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Wed Jun 27 19:50:22 MDT 2001

Sinn Fein has made peace with imperialism
Irish News, Letters Page

Tom Holland's letter (January 12) has been drawn to our attention.
Since October 20 2000 a hunger strike involving several hundred
political prisoners in Turkey has been in progress.

On the December 19 the state launched a massive operation involving
over five thousand police and army personnel in an attempt to end the
hunger strike.

Twenty prisons were attacked by the army and 32 prisoners were
killed, 27 of them from DHKP-C.

But they did not end the resistance: it still continues.
When the resistance started back in October, we contacted as many
political organisations and individuals as possible.

We have literally sent thousands of e-mails and faxes to people
including Sinn Fein.

Barring a few exceptions there was no response, and certainly none
whatsoever from Sinn Fein.

We did however contact Brendan Hughes and he agreed to meet us and to
give a talk to the friends and families of political prisoners about
his personal experiences in Long Kesh.

Tom Holland does not seem to know whom Brendan Hughes was referring
to in his original article on January 9 ... and then he states that
Brendan Hughes does not know the facts!

Tom Holland says in his letter that he has met with Kurdish people.
Which people? Certainly not those involved in the prison resistance.
This prison protest does not just involve Kurdish prisoners.

It involves Kurds, Turks, Arabs, Laz people and all of the other
national groups in Turkey.

The PKK are not involved in this protest.

Like the Provisional Republican movement, they have capitulated to
the state and have surrendered their beliefs.

The PKK are actually trying to copy the Provisional Republican
movement and Sinn Fein are encouraging them.

The Provisional Republican movement is having a negative affect on
liberation movements throughout the world.

We tried to meet Tom Holland in Belfast two years ago but he refused
to meet us!

The reality is that, since Sinn Fein have made peace with
imperialism, they do not want to be associated with those who fight
imperialism, wherever in the world that might be.

Who do the Republican movement wish to meet these days ­ the
bomber of Baghdad and Yugoslavia, and the man who condemns young black men
to the gas chambers.

The peace process is essentially about what one's attitude
towards imperialism is, that much is clear.

Brendan Hughes has made a stand... and for that Tom Holland has
attacked him.

Sinn Fein should know better, especially an ex-prisoner like Tom

We know what Brendan Hughes is prepared to do for the prisoners on
the Death Fast resistance in Turkey.

But the international solidarity Sinn Fein once showed has now
clearly been decommissioned.

Revolutionary People's Liberation Front
London Information Bureau

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