Yugoslavia Denies Visa to Ramsey Clark

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Ramsey Clark, Chairperson June 27, 2001

Yugoslavia Ambassador to U.S. Denies Visa to Ramsey
Clark; International Human Rights Attorney Seeking to
Visit Belgrade, as U.S. Pressure to Deport Milosevic

International Action Center Calls for Emergency
Campaign to Grant Visas

In a blow to human rights and due process, the
Yugoslav Ambassador to the United States, Milan
Propic, today refused to issue a visa to former U.S.
Attorney General Ramsey Clark to enter Yugoslavia.

Mr. Clark, who is a renowned international human
rights attorney and is a co-chair of the International
Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic, says he will
continue to attempt to enter Belgrade to confer with
others working on that committee. "We are at a
critical moment, with the United States government
attempting to push through the illegal deportation of
Mr. Milosevic by this Friday," said Mr. Clark.

Clark called the visa denial "another consequence of
the intense U.S.-led campaign to force the Yugoslav
government to deport Mr. Milosevic. The real aim of
this campaign, along with ten years of war, blockade
and demonization directed against Yugoslavia, is to
reduce all of the former Yugoslavia to the status of a
U.S./NATO colony."

According to Vladimir Krsljanin, international
secretary of the Socialist Party of Serbia, of which
Mr. Milosevic is chairman, Propic was not acting with
the full the authority of the Yugoslav government.
Krsljanin said that the chief of the cabinet of the
Yugoslav government sent a cable at 7:34 p.m. Belgrade
time1:34 p.m. in Washingtonordering that Mr. Clark
receive his visa.

The embassy also refused a visa to the Gloria La Riva,
a videographer and the West Coast coordinator of the
International Action Center, who is accompanying Mr.
Clark. La Riva, who was in Belgrade with Mr. Clark
twice during the bombing as a member of Mr. Clark's
delegation, produced the world-renowned film, "NATO
Targets," about NATO's war against Yugoslavia. Clark
is the founder of the IAC.

Mr. Clark condemned the U.S.-led campaign to label Mr.
Milosevic a war criminal "when the murder perpetrated
by NATO political and military leaders during 78 days
of bombing of civilian targets in Yugoslavia is still
fresh in the memory of the world."

"The undemocratic steps taken to refuse the defendant
and his supporters the right to a consultation on
legal and political questions is evidence that those
in charge in Yugoslavia are capable of denying the
most basic legal rights. We have to be alert to the
possibility that they will deny Mr. Milosevic the due
process of his appeal of the extradition order and
simply kidnap him to the International tribunal in The
Hague," said Clark.

Clark pledged that "we will attempt to find a way into

IAC Calls for Emergency Campaign -- Calls and Emails
Needed Immediately!

IAC co-coordinator Sara Flounders, who applied for the
visas from the Yugoslav Embassy in Washington, said
that she was forced to wait over four hours before
being refused for something the clerk said usually
takes five minutes to approve. "The ambassador and the
embassy staff refused to discuss the question with me.
It is absolutely clear that the ambassador takes his
orders from Washington rather than his own foreign

"The IAC," Flounders added, "is asking all its friends
and friends of justice and peace worldwide, to protest
this decision to bar Mr. Clark and Ms La Riva from
Yugoslavia, by flooding the Yugoslav embassy with
calls and emails. Time is of the essence."

Ambassador Milan Propic can be reached by phone at
202-332-0333 and by email at yuembusa aol.com. People
can also direct protests to the Yugoslav government in

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