Che Guevara

Stephen Harvey swh10 at
Thu Jun 28 22:23:22 MDT 2001

In regard to Adam Levenstein's comment on the Che biography, although it
has been a while since I read it, and my memory is quite awful, I recall
the book as a good balanced account of Che.  I say this, of course,
without claiming to be an expert on Che, but I found that the book
increased my admiration for Che as truly committed and far-seeing
revolutionary,(well, perhaps the planning of the incursion into Bolivia
belies that ) while making me think that being his friend or lover could
be a very mixed blessing indeed.  I thought it traced the evolution of
his character very well

Steve Harvey


You're going to yank that endorsement back once you
get to Anderson's account of Che's later years in

I don't want to spoil it, though. >:->


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