Yugoslavia Denies Visa to Ramsey Clark

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at SPAMqut.edu.au
Fri Jun 29 15:47:27 MDT 2001

I thought I would post a piece on how the extradition of Milosevic is being
reported here.  Even on the multicultural channel, SBS, the reaction has
been official joy.  It seems we can all go to bed in comfort now because
the evil bogey man is behind bars. We have been given the go ahead by all
the media to breathe a big sigh of relief.

There has, admittedly, been a little talk about a "back lash" and an
assault on tv camera crews.  There was a close up snatch of that shown.

This morning the ABC radio reporter on the spot said 5000 people had
gathered outside parliament on Friday, but that Milosevic no longer
commanded popular support.  There was however he said disquiet at the
manner in which the extradition was handled and there had been resignations
- the Yugoslav Prime Minister being specified.  He finished his report on a
up beat note looking forward to early elections and presumably a huge vote
for the anti-Milosevic gang, and the break up of the Yugoslav republic.

So If we go by what the papers, radio, & television are saying in Australia
about all this, it must be that Jared and I exist on different planets.
However I have to be fair here, it may just be that he hasn't been going to
enough NATO briefings. Of course he also has the absolute handicap and
disadvantage of being in contact with people in Serbia. Worse he seems to
be believe that to contact people on the ground in Serbia is
necessary.  Tut tut he will never get a job in the Aussie media.

He has as well posted the sounds of what they told him was a crowd of
100,000 + but I have been assured by the ABC reporter, Chris Clark, that it
was only 5000, while business as usual went on around them. How could Jared
get it so wrong?

So even though I know no one in Serbia, I have been told I can bask in the
certainty that justice has been done and as Kofi Anan assured me leaders
around the world now know that George Bush & Tony Blair (oops meant to say
the United nations)are watching them. There is a feeling of renewed energy.
War criminals beware.

Oh brave new world! Isn't this New World Order just terrific?  BTW Does any
know of an Arab soccer match we can bomb just to show how things have
gotten a whole lot better for humanity?? Preferably one with children
playing, but if that cannot be arranged then maybe a school will do or a



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