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Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Thu Mar 1 02:01:07 MST 2001

>Phil wrote:
>> One of the best little examples of this kind of critique I've read in
>> recent years is James Heartfield's 'Need and Desire in the Post-material
>> Economy', Sheffield Hallam University Press, 1998.
>btw, Phil, do a favor to revolution. Please, add more useful journals to
>revolution magazine's web site. the last time I checked it there was a link
>to _Living Marxism_. Put Marx's critique of political economy instead..
>cheers, Mine

Sadly our numbers and resources are few.  Our website is obly just getting
going, so all we can do at present is put up some covers and tables of
contents of the mag.  Over the coming year, we will be slowly adding
articles from back issues.

I think there are about ten links up at present - which reminds me that we
must put up a link to Louis' site.

The reason there is a link to the (now archival) LM site is because once LM
was an excellent magazine.  Unfortunately, a lot of the best issues of LM
are the first three or four years (1988-1992) and they are not up on the LM
site, and now that LM doesn't exist, they likely never will be.  But,
credit where credit is due, it was a very impressive magazine before its
directors succumbed to middle age and middle class preoccupations with
career advancement and lifestyles and disillusionment that the working
class had failed to live up to expectations in the time slot they'd
expected it to perform the miracle of revolution!

But I'll ask the webmaster to put in links to the Marx internet sites.


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