Murray E.G. Smith & Value Theory

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> The arguments covered in the Smith extract posted by Richard Fidler were
> had out in the early 1970s in the 'Bulletin of the Conference of Socialist
> Economists' in Britain.  The CSE divided very much along neo-Ricardian and
> 'fundamentalist' lines.  People seriously interested in this stuff would be
> well-advised to go through copies of the bulletin.
> A couple of years back, the theoretical journal associated with 'revoltion'
> magazine in NZ - the journal was called 'Revolutionary Marxism' - ran a
> very good paper by a leading NZ Marxist, Dave Bedggood, on the debate
> between the two sides.  Dave belongs to a different political current, but
> it was a very good paper and he was happy for us to publish it.  Anyone who
> wants a copy can email me and I'll send it to them as an attachment.
> Cheers,
> Phil

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