"Albanians wage war of race hate"

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at SPAMvirgin.net
Thu Mar 1 06:06:41 MST 2001

Johannes Schneider says: < The KLA has always insisted on a greater Albanian
solution, something that would put into question all borders in the region
and that runs contrary to NATO's intention... As I have said here previously
I support self-determination for Kosovo and all other Alabanians living in
the region, which has been denied to them by the imperialist powers for
almost a century.  It is up to the Albanians what will be the outcome of
exercising that right: I am simply not in the position to draw up a
programme for areas outside the state I am living in. >

This is a bit contradictory. If it is correct to say that it's up to the
Albanians to work out the outcome of self-determination, then one can't
complain when a major Kosovan Albanian organisation, the KLA, goes for a
Greater Albania, or tries to put its programme into practice at the expense
of non-Albanians. There is a strange streak of liberalism in parts of the
left when it comes to the national question. No socialist would support, for
example, a union branch that wanted to maintain a colour bar or to exclude
women from membership, yet a carte-blanche is given by many socialists to
every national movement if it demands self-determination.

In principle, I am in favour of self-determination for all nationalities.
But this does not mean to say that I can support every claim for
self-determination, not only in respect of privileged nationalities, but
also in respect of oppressed nationalities that are in the process of
becoming oppressors of other nationalities. How many times have we seen
nationalist movements expressing resistance to national oppression start
bashing their own minorities once they get into power. Nationalism almost
everywhere boils down to national exclusiveness and superiority given the
chance. After all, nationalist movements are almost always a ruling elite

Returning to Kosovo, I believe that the best solution would be a renewed
autonomy within a Yugoslav state, with guarantees for minorities. An
independent Kosovo is a non-starter; a Greater Albania would mean Albanian
oppression of many different minorities. But how, under present conditions,
could the autonomy solution be realised?

Paul F

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