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Crashlist website: mailing list moderated by Mark Jones; has many
interesting papers by him and other Marxists

United Electrical union website (UE has historically been aligned with the
US left)

Website devoted to "Darkness in El Dorado"; controversy (book about the
racist treatment of Yanomami by anthropologists)

Seeing Red: Webzine sympathetic to US SWP

Narconews: campaigns against the "drug war"

Media Monitors Network: alternative to mainstream propaganda

Swans: online newsletter critical of US foreign policy, Michael Parenti is
a contributor

Adbusters: Canadian magazine that targets advertising, marketing and
consumer capitalism

Softskull Press: NYC based publishers of interesting radical and cultural

Civil Rights Movement Veterans: remembering activists in the fight against
Jim Crow

The Global Site: University of Essex's "Critical Gateway to world politics,
society and culture

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