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"My problem with TSS people is that they are in the
secterian habit of claiming to be the _original_ interpreters of Marx,
accusing serious Marxist economists for reading Marx under the influence of

Well maybe Alan Freeman or Andrew Kliman have a propensity for rhetorical
theatricality, but I don't think this applies to all TSS people. In some
respects the TSS account of the equalisation of the rate of profit is
original.  If more people read Marx under the influence of Ricardo rather
than (let's say) Samuelson, a better Marxism would result. There are
actually quite a few neo-Ricardian socialists around, which is not in
itself a bad thing, except their focus tends to be exclusively on the
(re)distribution of income (a classic social-democratic theme) and
production relations disappear from their economic analysis. Despite
resemblances Marx's project is really different from Ricardo's. In his book
Capital Marx doesn't simply ask "what forces regulate a market economy" but
seeks to analyse social relations of production, class conflict and
economic ideology.



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