Value Theory (2): TSS Paradigm

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Thu Mar 1 18:48:32 MST 2001

S Chatterjee wrote:

>This, of course, was eagerly gobbled up
> with profound gratitude by our Madam of the Marxism
> list who has been recently compared to Rosa Luxemburg.
> Well, did the good Rosa ever use 4-letter words?
> Research is needed in this area. No flames please!
> Cheers

> Sid

Fist of all, I am not the *madam* of the list. With this sort of
bourgeois patriarchal framing of other's position, you are full of
sexism. Second of all, if research is needed in TSS theory, you have to
take into consideration what the critics of TSS is saying--basically
that TSS is not an original theory. I have sent 3 critics of TSS theory
to the list. I did not claim any expertise in the issue. Read them and
deal with their arguments, since others could reply to my questions. or
summarize to us briefly your incomprehensible views.


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