"Albanians wage war of race hate"

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMtao.ca
Thu Mar 1 21:43:38 MST 2001

Paul F:

> Returning to Kosovo, I believe that the best solution would be a renewed
> autonomy within a Yugoslav state, with guarantees for minorities.

Well, no offence, but then you should have been clear in your defense of Yugoslavia
from the beginning of the last war, and dropped the echoing of the
"self-determination" idea. Kosovo only had the political autonomy which had allowed
for such racist institutions (such as ethnically proving citizenship) to exist within
the province. Cultural autonomy, as in the right to learn in school in whichever
language you spoke (which was far more important for those who were Roma or Hungarian
than it was for Serbs or Albanian Kosovars) was never removed. Under the old
political autonomy, the FRY has operated by more or less consensus among the
republics. Yet Kosovo- where the Pristina leaders could veto a Republic of Serbia
decision in Belgrade, but Belgrade could not in Pristina- had a more or less total
block on the ability of the sate to proceed. Leaving all cultural  levers (such as
music on the radio, curriculums in schools, etc) provided for, in theory and
constitutional rights at least, what you say should exist today.

The autonomy solution, now that Nato has de facto removed Kosovo from Yugoslavia,
that solution goes back to the beginning of building a new socialist Balkan
federation (i.e.- a new Yugoslavia). It essentially will be a regional, socialist
restarting that is neccessary. What existed two years ago cannot be rebuilt *in a
vacuum*, and was the best answer at the time. KFOR has removed that possibility- so
it will now (likely) mean waiting for a new wave of revolution to grip the planet,
and the seed of revolutionary ideas to grip the Balkans again.


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