Eugenics in China

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> Posting something from National Review is not my idea of a high
> time but this is a problem for the social movement called the
> disability rights movement.  How do I reconcile this
> interpretation of Marx?

Well, simply put I guess, you don't have to. As it regards Marxism and the approach
to disbilities, this isn't the only interpretation of Marx either theoretically or in

February 27, 2001

No child left behind
By E. Martin Schotz and Jane Crosby (Special for Granma International Press)

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In a city of one million a group of disabled people, leaders of their
own organization, talks about how the government makes everything
possible available to them. They tell us that there are precisely
fifty-six children in this city who cannot attend school, because of
one disability of another. Twenty-one teachers have been assigned the
tasks of visiting these students at home, of developing ways of
educating each of them, and with community organizations of assisting
them in socialization.

In every city neighborhood and every town, no matter how remote, a
doctor is living there providing health education and primary care,
all in coordination with national public health campaigns. These
doctors are a direct link to polyclinics and more specialized care.
Life expectancy throughout the country is now 76 years and the infant
mortality rate is comparable to the best in the world.

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