Dayton falling apart

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Fri Mar 2 06:52:19 MST 2001

It looks as if the solutions imposed on the peoples of what was once
Yugoslavia is falling apart. A leading Croat politician in Bosnia now has
put into question the Dayton treaty.


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Croats denounce 'illegal, illegitimate' Bosnian federation

By Steve Crawshaw , 1 March 2001

The Bosnian Croats threw a spanner into the Balkan works yesterday by
declaring the Bosnian federation to be dead.

Ante Jelavic, the Croat member of the Bosnian presidency, described the
authorities as "illegal and illegitimate", and insisted: "We will neither
participate in them nor shall we recognise their decisions." Mr Jelavic's
party, the HDZ, has moved increasingly towards breakaway in recent months.

Under the Dayton peace agreement of 1995, Bosnia was divided into two
separate entities - a Muslim-Croat federation and a Serb republic. A
spokesman for the High Representative, the top international peace official
in Bosnia, described Mr Jelavic's statement as "extremist nonsense". The
disintegration of Bosnia would have crucial knock-on effects in a region
that remains highly unstable.

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