[L-I] Hard Slap on the Wrist

Tony Abdo aabdo at SPAMwebtv.net
Sat Mar 3 11:43:03 MST 2001

Thank, Aaron, I misunderstood the article I posted completely!      I've
got to get off night shift!

In fact, in the last 5 months 2 nurses from my floor have suffered heart
attacks.     One occurred because of a mandatory meeting post night
shift.      And the other happened to a day shift worker who refused
being admitted to her own unit!       She even came to work the
following scheduled shift.

I post material on Colombia as often as possible.       My interest
comes from having once been married to a refugee from the mess there.
What we see in Colombia today, was easily in march 15 and 20 years ago.
What is NOW new, is that the US has more and more been forced to expose
to public view the cards they continue to play.

Thanks for being kind enough to write to me off list.      I still like
that line....... 'Golly Jeez, Sarge'.... from the program *Gomer Pyle*.


I think Tony either failed to read or misunderstood the article he
'Thirty-Eight Months in the Brig' was not given as a 'Hard Slap on the
Wrist' to General Uscátegui, who "coordinate[d] the chainsaws", but a
hard punch in the stomach to Colonel Orozco, who tried to stop them!
  - Aaron

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