Primary material on Medgar W. Evers of Mississippi

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Sat Mar 3 13:09:40 MST 2001

Although I certainly do not intend to always burden good  and obliging
discussion lists with additions to our quite large social justice website, I
believe there will be substantial interest in the Medgar W. Evers [and  some
Jackson  Movement material]  that I have today posted:  Medgar W. Evers:
Reflection and Appreciation.  Medgar, of course, as the long-time NAACP
field secretary in Mississippi  was a major civil rights figure in that
state -- and then, tragically, a national and international martyr.  He was
also a damn good personal friend. This is a  quite long and extremely
detailed document which I composed and sent as a letter in 1966  to a New
York writer -- not much more than three years after Medgar's murder  in 1963
by the racist Byron de la Beckwith.  As many know, I was privileged to work
very closely with Medgar Evers from 1961 to his death.  This letter is based
completely on that direct relationship and those rich experiences.  The page
on our Website can be reached immediately through

In Solidarity   Hunter Gray [Hunterbear]

Hunter Gray

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