Eugenics in China

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Sat Mar 3 18:27:40 MST 2001


> Macdonald, I guess the important thing is that we are alert to
> the other interpretations and make it clear that we don't
> support them.

An absolutely agreeable point, but will you accept the amendment "We must also make
it clear that while we have no interest in promoting or explaining away such a
policy, we also are clear that it is not a weapon to be used against the PRC, most
likely by the very creators and only users of Agent Orange, et al"?

To me, the totality of such a critique is that it is "a contradiction among the
people", within the ranks of "us"- and that our opposition be total yet our attacks
not become attacks on the government as such. At least not in the vein of dismantling
the CPC.

> Still, it is a stomach churner to realize these
> views do take root in parts of the world in the name of
> socialism.


> BTW I'm not clear on what geographical area "no Child left
> behind" is describing?
> marta

This land where such attention is paid to all members of society is, once again,
Cuba. Beacon of hope for us all.


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