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Riad Kobaisi asked:

1. if you can please  name those critics [critical Marxists on existing
2. please explain why ["Communism" and "Marxism" are not interchangable]

If anyone else can help in answering Riad's question, please feel free to
jump in!

The Dominant Marxist Tradition defined by past and current Communist
nations(Soviet Union and China)have also been divergent in their
intrepretations of Marx.  The Critical Marxists are even more diverse.

The contributors to the Dominant Marxist tradition are:

Frederick Engels
Lenin, What is To be Done?
Stalin, Dialectical and Historical Materialism
Mao Tse-Tung

Critical Marxists, critical of the bureaucracies that have arisened within
existing Communism, such as Karl Kautsky and Rosa Luxembourg.

Other Critical Marxists(and some of their works) are as follows:

Georg Lukacs, History and Class Consciousness
Antonio Gramsci, Prison Writings
Herbert Marcuse, Reason and Revolution, One-Dimensional Man
Jurgen Habermas
Gajo Petrovic
Mihailo Markovic, From Affluence to Praxis
Jean-Paul Sartre, Search For a Method
Louis Althusser, For Marx

I am sure there are more critical Marxists out there that I have yet to know
about, but those are some of them.

To answer your second question as to why "Communism" and "Marxism" are not
interchangable terms is precisely because many Marxists are independent from
Communist Party doctrination, nor do they have any affiliation with any
Communist Parties in existence.  That is not to say that Communism and
Marxism have NOT been used interchangably, because they have. Such misusing
of the terms loosely and ignorantly, obsures the actual references that both
terms declare themselves to be.   I hope this helps some.

In solidarity

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