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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sun Mar 4 11:28:21 MST 2001

> in a follow up post on RPA Dug Henwood objected to
>being called an "anti-globalization activist by Kevin."

I can't believe that Doug is on that list as well. I don't know anybody who
is subbed to more leftwing lists than Doug, except maybe Michael Pugliese.
Pugliese's red-baiting drove me off Socialist-Register mailing list and I
returned to PEN-L only after great trepidation.

My understanding is that Doug has not completed his book on the "New
Economy" yet. I am not sure that it is worth completing at this point,
since the topic has as about as much relevance right now as Madonna videos.
(I got a big chuckle out of a PBS Frontline documentary on marketing "hype"
and the teenaged market. They send out people from advertising agencies in
their 30s and 40s to suburban New Jersey to see how pubescent boys and
girls in pants 3 sizes too big respond to various personalities and
consumer goods. When shown a picture of Madonna, one youth shook his head
and commented "Too old".)

I have subscribed to Doug's newsletter from practically the first issue
since the late 1980s and have seen it come out ever more infrequently. When
he is working on a book, they practically disappear. My advice to him,
since he is probably reading the archives obsessively, is to get off some
of those Internet mailing lists and spend more time on his print projects.
How else is he going to become the American Zizek unless he cranks out more
Verso books.

Louis Proyect
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