Fw: On Essen Lenin Conference

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Sun Mar 4 12:51:28 MST 2001

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From: Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com>

> >This writer's attack on Althusser's misreading of the relation of Marx
> >and Lenin to Hegel prompted strong agreement from Fredric Jameson, who


> What a clown. This Zizek has the temerity to invoke Lenin when he supported
> NATO bombing.


Would anyone here like to do me the honour of having a go at Mr. Jameson? - He has a
following among some more "posrt modern" Marxists I have run across. It is very
distressing, actually. He invokes October and people grant him carte vlanche. I
assume the same thing is true of Zizek, bomb this, resolutely struggle against that.
When I saw Zizek's book on a rack recently, one only had to see who gave him the
highest praise- Judith Butler. That said enough for me, not having read Zizek I was
weary by who had.

Again though, I am curious as to the respected opinions here of Fredric.


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