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Well, I don't know about Jameson's position on recent acts of U.S.
imperialism.  But Jameson to his credit in the early 90s when other academic
Marxists were throwing in the towel or going postmodern in the worst kind of
way, did issue a set of theses in which he strongly defended the continuing
utility of Marxism as a revolutionary critique of capitalism -- not just for
understanding the world but changing it.  This appeared in "Monthly Review"
in April 1996.  Much of Jameson prose is highly turgid -- like most
postmodernists.  But he's a somewhat different breed.  He's responsible for
the basic idea that postmodernism itself, in its various, ever-shifting
forms, is an (or the) ideology of late capitalism.   See his seminal article
"Postmodernism, or the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism," New Left Review
No. 146 (July/August 1984): 53-93 and the book (which I haven't read) by the
same name published 1991.  This idea is followed up more approachably by
David Harvey in "The Condition of Postmodernity.  Needless to say, this
analysis has been a very hard one for many other postmodernists, especially
of the French school and their U.S. epigones, to swallow -- who seem to want
to see everything else deconstructed excepting for their own
historically-based presences in the world.  It really sticks in their craws
that their own subjectivities might be a reflection of more foundational
kinds of conditions.

Macdonald, how is Jameson being invoked by people you run into and why are
you distressed?


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> > >This writer's attack on Althusser's misreading of the relation of Marx
> > >and Lenin to Hegel prompted strong agreement from Fredric Jameson, who
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> > What a clown. This Zizek has the temerity to invoke Lenin when he
> > NATO bombing.
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> Would anyone here like to do me the honour of having a go at Mr.
Jameson? - He has a
> following among some more "posrt modern" Marxists I have run across. It is
> distressing, actually. He invokes October and people grant him carte
vlanche. I
> assume the same thing is true of Zizek, bomb this, resolutely struggle
against that.
> When I saw Zizek's book on a rack recently, one only had to see who gave
him the
> highest praise- Judith Butler. That said enough for me, not having read
Zizek I was
> weary by who had.
> Again though, I am curious as to the respected opinions here of Fredric.
> Macdonald

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